Unlimited Data 4G LTE + TV service for your home
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Unlimited Data 4G LTE + TV service for your home

For lease is AT&T unlimited data at 4G LTE speeds plus YouTube TV service combined as one package. You can stream via your smart tv or smart devices like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Tv and other devices. You can use the sim we provide in Mofi, Cradlepoint, Pepwave routers or portable Mifi like AT&T Nighthawk, Unite Explore or Velocity. No data caps and no throttling. Note: All AT&T plans are subject to deprioritization after 22GB, doesn’t mean they get slowed right after 22GB, only when you’re connected to congested tower. As soon as congestion is over speeds go back up to normal regular speeds. Even during congestion you are able to stream. If someone says they don’t get deprioritized, they are lying to earn your business. I’ve been one of the longest resellers with great number of happy customer base.

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