When is the XBox Mini Fridge Coming Out?

what time is the xbox mini fridge coming out

Earlier today, we found out that the XBox mini fridge will be available for pre-order at Target and Walmart from today. Then, we discovered that the actual product will be released in December 2021. The timing of this announcement could be a joke or a real deal.

Pre-orders begin today

Those who have been waiting for the Xbox mini fridge have finally had their chance. Pre-orders for the device began this week. It will be available in the US through Target and Xbox Gear Store. The device is expected to ship in December.

The Xbox Mini Fridge is available in two sizes: the larger size holds up to 10 cans, while the smaller model holds up to 12. The fridge is equipped with a USB port to charge devices. There are also two shelves inside the door. It also has LED lights.

The Xbox mini fridge has an approximate price of Rs 7400, roughly equivalent to $99. Those who have pre-ordered the Xbox mini fridge will have to wait until December for it to ship.

It will ship in December 2021

During its E3 2021 presentation, Microsoft announced the Xbox mini fridge will ship in December 2021. According to Microsoft’s general manager of marketing, Aaron Greenberg, the fridge will come in two varieties. One will have a storage capacity of 12 cans, while the other will have two mini-shelf snacks. Both fridges are designed to be compatible with Xbox Series X consoles.

The mini fridge was a hit when it was first revealed. But the popularity of the product didn’t stop there. It turned into a viral craze. The fridge’s design was inspired by the Xbox Series X, and its marketing material even mentioned the Xbox series X cooling architecture.

The Xbox mini fridge will also come with a USB port, which could be used to recharge your Xbox wireless controller. It will also have LED lights on the top to help keep your drinks cool. It will come with a DC power adapter, and it will also have a separate compartment for snacks.

It’s a joke

During the reveal of the Xbox Series X last December, there was talk of the Xbox Series X being a mini fridge. The Xbox Series X had a rectangular shape and was compared to a mini fridge. The resemblance caught the internet’s attention, and eventually, Microsoft decided to make it a reality.

The Xbox Series X mini fridge started as a joke. Xbox Games Marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg promised to make a real Xbox Series X mini fridge if the Xbox beat Skittles in a Twitter competition.

When the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge went on sale for preorders, it sold out in under 15 minutes. It was made in partnership with Las Vegas-based merchandise firm Ukonic. The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge has an Xbox logo on the outside, and inside it has Xbox-esque green. The fridge can hold up to 12 cans of beverages at a time, and it has a USB port and adjustable shelf heights.

It’s on sale at Target

Several months ago, Microsoft announced that they were going to sell a mini fridge model of their Xbox Series X video game console. It looked like a miniature refrigerator and was inspired by online memes.

The first wave of Xbox Series X mini fridge pre-orders sold out in less than two minutes. The second wave of pre-orders came out this week and sold out even faster. Some of these orders were canceled, but Microsoft plans to make more mini fridges available in the coming months.

Xbox fans can pre-order the Xbox Series X mini fridge from Target’s official store. You can also pre-order it from the Xbox Gear Shop. The mini fridge will be available in Canada, US and Europe. It will be available in December, 2021, and will retail for $99/PS90. It has LED lights and a USB port, and will hold up to 12 12-ounce cans. It plugs into a standard AC wall outlet, and is available with a DC power adapter.

It’s available exclusively at Walmart

During the E3 Showcase, Microsoft announced a mini-fridge inspired by the Xbox Series X console. The Xbox logo lights up on the top of the fridge. It also includes a USB port to charge devices.

The Xbox mini fridge was sold out in just a few minutes. Microsoft had received requests for a smaller version. The fridge is now available at Walmart. It comes with a DC power adapter, two shelves inside the door, and LED lights. The Xbox logo lights up white to match the console. It also features a 5V 2.1A USB port. It is 7.3 inches wide and 14.3 inches tall.

The Xbox mini fridge isn’t the cheapest fridge on the market, but it’s an inexpensive addition to the game room. It’s also available at Target in the US. It costs $99 and has a storage capacity of 12 cans.

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