Why Does My Mini Fridge Keep Freezing?

why does my mini fridge keep freezing

If your mini fridge freezer keeps icing up, it could mean there’s a problem with the thermostat, compressor, or door gasket. However, there are also some simple things you can do to help solve this issue.

First, make sure that you’re not storing hot or wet food in your mini fridge. This can cause water vapor to enter the freezer and freeze up everything inside.

Faulty Thermostat

If your mini fridge is freezing everything inside, you may have a faulty thermostat. This is a vital part of your appliance as it regulates the temperature inside to ensure it remains cold.

It also monitors the air temperature inside and sends this information to the control board which then regulates power to the compressor and the evaporator fan.

Thermostats are normally replaced every 8-10 years but they can last considerably longer if cared for properly. They can even last a couple of decades in some cases.

Faulty Compressor

Your mini fridge’s compressor drives refrigerant around the coils to keep your food and drinks cool. If it fails, this can cause everything inside to freeze.

Luckily, it is usually quite easy to repair or replace your compressor.

The first step is to inspect the motor and coils. You should be able to see the motor’s coils through the rear panel of your freezer compartment.

Faulty Door Gasket

One of the most common reasons that your mini fridge keeps freezing is due to a faulty door gasket. These seals get a lot of wear and tear from everyday use.

The door is opened and closed hundreds of times a day, which can cause a lot of damage to the seal over time. If you notice a crack or tearing in your door gasket, replace it immediately to prevent further damage.

Before replacing the gasket, you may want to try to remove any condensation or blackish mold that might be present. This can indicate that the seal is leaking and allowing warm air from your kitchen to condense on your freezer door.

Faulty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils on the outside of your refrigerator help remove heat from air inside. If they get dirty, the refrigerator has a hard time releasing that heat.

This can cause the fridge to work harder than it should, which can lead to freezing food and beverages. To fix this, you can unplug the unit and vacuum out the coils with a brush or a hose extension.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, replace the condenser coil. A home warranty will often cover the cost of replacing the coil, but check yours before making a decision.

Faulty Control Board

If you’re having issues with your mini fridge freezing everything, the control board might be the problem. This is the part that regulates power to the compressor and fan motors based on the thermistor readings.

If the thermistor breaks down, it won’t be able to interpret the temperature information and send it to the control board. This will result in your refrigerator’s temperature being regulated incorrectly.

Another common reason for a control board to fail is due to poor or failed solder connections on the Molex plugs. These can be a result of poorly done soldering at the factory or a poor bond between the plugs and the circuit boards.

Faulty Damper Control

The damper control is a small unit that controls the amount of air that passes from the freezer into the refrigerator compartment. If it gets damaged or blocked, the fridge will not be able to adequately cool itself.

A damper fault may occur when the damper is in an incorrect position or does not respond to a control signal that commands it to move from a first position to a second position. Damper faults may also be detected by sensing the change in discharge air temperature 116 when a damper is moved from one position to the other.

The controller 220 may initiate a damper fault test 402 before opening or closing the outdoor air damper to provide free cooling or to terminate free cooling, respectively. The controller 220 may then display an alert indicative of the detected damper fault on a display.

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