Why Is My Mini Fridge Freezer Not Freezing?

why is my mini fridge freezer not freezing

Your fridge may have stopped freezing, so you’ve probably asked yourself, “why is my mini fridge freezer not working?” The good news is that you’ve got a number of options for troubleshooting this problem. You can first check if the thermistor is working properly. If it’s not, try inspecting the evaporator coils and condenser fan. If these don’t seem to be the problem, try checking the damper control assembly and condenser fan.

Check if the thermistor is working properly

To check if the thermistor on your refrigerator is functioning correctly, remove the refrigerator from its socket and insert a multimeter. Set the ohm setting of your multimeter to 16.3 Kilo-Ohms and look at the reading on the thermistor. The thermistor reading should be within 5% of the normal value. If it is outside of this range, the refrigerator has a faulty thermistor.

To check if the thermistor on your micro-fridge freezer is working properly, remove the thermistor and place it in a cup of water and ice. Wait for five minutes. The thermistor should reach 32 degrees. Then, check the thermistor’s resistance. It should be somewhere between 16.6 K and 16,600 ohms. If it’s not, replace it with a new one.

Check the condenser fan

If your refrigerator is not cooling, it may be because the fan is not running properly. It is important to check the condenser fan as this is responsible for efficiently cooling the refrigerant inside. If you hear strange noises while operating the refrigerator, it may be due to a condenser fan problem. If you do not hear this noise, you may need to contact a repair company. However, if you’d rather try to fix the problem yourself, you can do a couple of things yourself.

To check the condenser fan, remove the back panel of the refrigerator and locate the evaporator. This panel is located close to the evaporator coils. Make sure that the fan blade is free of obstructions, and that the blade spins freely. If you can’t find this, check the wiring to ensure that it’s connected. You can also test the condenser fan by checking its continuity using a multimeter.

Check the evaporator coils

In the event that your mini fridge freezer is not freezing properly, one of the most common causes is dirty evaporator coils. Inefficient evaporator coils prevent the coolant from properly pressurizing and result in the refrigerator not working. According to Landmark Home Warranty, many of these failures can be corrected by cleaning the evaporator coils. In the worst case, you may have to buy a new refrigerator.

If you’ve tried everything and the freezer is still not cooling, you may have a faulty compressor. Unless this part is malfunctioning, your freezer won’t cool. Make sure to check the other components first, and check for continuity with a multimeter. The other cause may be a dirty or damaged door seal. If you’ve tried all these fixes and still find your freezer is not freezing, call a repairman.

Check the damper control assembly

If your mini fridge freezer is not freezing, the problem is most likely caused by a malfunctioning damper control assembly. This assembly regulates the amount of cold air inserted into the refrigerator. If it is not working properly or has been closed, it is likely the cause of the problem. You can fix this problem yourself by removing the door and examining the damper control assembly manually. You can also check if the damper is closed by turning down the thermistor and covering the interior light switch. If the refrigerator has been closed for too long, the problem may be the damper control assembly.

If the mini fridge freezer does not freeze, you may first need to check the motor or damper control assembly. Depending on your refrigerator, it can be located on the top or back wall. For some models, you will need to disconnect the power cord and open the damper. Check the thermistor and multimeter if they are working properly. If you still cannot fix the mini fridge freezer, you should consider calling a professional to help you with the problem.

Check the thermostat

If your mini fridge freezer is not freezing, it may be due to a faulty thermostat. A faulty thermostat won’t send power to the refrigerant system and will prevent the freezer from cooling properly. When this happens, the temperature will rise and food will not defrost. To check the thermostat, try unplugging the unit, which will also prevent electrical shock. Once the thermostat has been reset, you can check the temperature of your freezer with an appliance thermometer.

If the thermostat is not faulty, you should clean the coil area with a vacuum cleaner. Just make sure not to damage any wires or tubes when you do this task. In addition to the coils, the thermostat is a vital component of a refrigerator. A malfunctioning thermostat will not keep the fridge temperature consistent and will cause the compressor to work too hard, resulting in a refrigerator that either is too hot or too cold.

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