Wireless Headphone for TV with Optical In, TV Hearing Assistance Devices, TV Listening Headset for Hearing Impaired, Digital Wireless Headset for Smart TV with Soft Earbuds, TV Sound Amplifier SM-823D
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Wireless Headphone for TV with Optical In, TV Hearing Assistance Devices, TV Listening Headset for Hearing Impaired, Digital Wireless Headset for Smart TV with Soft Earbuds, TV Sound Amplifier SM-823D

  • HI-TECH support wireless headphone for TV: with the VCT (Voice Clarifying Tech), AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and TONE adjustment design, make the TV dialog stand out from the background music clearly and smoothly. Built-in Digital Optical Converter, can promise clear dialog reproduction.

  • 2.4GHz automatic FHSS tech promises to avoid any interference from WIFI and other RF devices, and transmits the superior sound to you from a distance up to 100 feet. no need pairing, no lip-sync delay, super anti-interference, no interruption when people passing by.

  • Press MIC button to switch the TV listening device to personal sound amplifier which enables to amplify people’s voice nearby for the hearing impaired. Press MIC again or switch off the headset and then on to back to watching TV. This TV hearing assistance device designed with Tone, Balance control and Mono/Stereo option. Li-Battery supports 7 hours continuously working.

  • Wireless headset for tv which incorporates ¡°stainless steel metal¡± at the headset beams, it’s flexible and durable, for adjusting to more comfortable. Noise isolating foam eartips and decompression hanger loops make you more relaxing to wear.

  • Compatible with optical / RCA audio outputs of your TV/cable box/STB etc: for streaming media playing from your Smart TV / WIFI TV directly, this model is your best choice. Watching TV with your family under optical/RCA connection, you can hear TV with this wireless headset, others can hear TV with normal voice; If you want to watch TV quietly alone, you can click “MUTE” to close the TV speaker by TV remote controller.

Color:Digital Optical in

1. Compatible with digital optical / analog RCA & 3.5mm audio connection. Perfect for streaming media playing from your Smart TV directly.
2.US standard power adapter only.
3.If you are not get used to this stethoscope design headset, you can consider simolio wireless tv speaker, it can bring the tv sound next to you and under new product promotion period.
4.Wireless headphone for TV with optical input, very helpful for the moderate hearing impaired people.

(1)Apply with the latest and most advanced 2.4GHz Digital FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) Tech, much better than the IR Tech, there is no interruption when people passing by, operation is up to 100 feet in open range; Unlike the Bluetooth, there is no any lip-sync delay; It breaks through the bottleneck of all RF Technologies and normal 2.4G, no need manual frequency modulation, brings superb sound reproduction to you.

(2)Adjust the sudden changed high volume to protect your hearing via Auto Signal Control (ASC).

(3)Customize a comfortable volume level via BALANCE & TONE adjustment.

(4)Benefit from Voice Clarifying & Noise Cancelling tech (VCT & NCT), it dynamically reduces TV background sound and make the TV dialog stand out which ensure a better understanding of the TV story.

(5)Mono/stereo optional, we suggest to select MONO to increase the recognition of dialog for the people hard of hearing.

(6)It is very helpful for hearing impaired people, overcomes the weakness of regular hearing aids which amplify the target audio sources and environmental noises at the same time.

(7)The built-in MIC make you amplify conversation with people nearby.

(8)Headset with AUTO POWER OFF when no signal is received for 3 minutes.

(9)Replaceable & Rechargeable Li-Battery & Convenient Charging Dock, one full charge supports 7 hours TV watching.

Have any questions, pls contact us: support@simolio.com.

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Color:Digital Optical in

Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

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November 3, 2017

Color: Analog in|Verified Purchase

Great product! More than 5 stars!! Thanks to the TONE function, My mom can enjoy tv so much better now!!!

My mom used to have a Sennheiser headphone, it is big and overhead design, but she complained to me that it was too hot and heavy to wear for a long time, also she was getting more and more confused about the male voices on tv. So I planed to buy a tv hearing aid headset for her. I searched a lot on Amazon and found this Simolio item. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear, what’s even more surprising is the TONE function. By tone adjustment, mom can hear all the tv sounds clearly, especially the male voice that hard to hear before. We also found another bright spot – the Balance function, the left and right volumes can be adjusted to best fit yourself. Though my mom did not have this problem, but I think it would be a great help for the people who may have a problem of different hearing levels. Very pleased with this purchase, highly recommend!

November 18, 2017

Color: Analog in|Verified Purchase

I’m interested in discovering and researching various technologies esp electronics. Recently, my mom complained about the hard hearing of TV , I promised to buy a wireless tv hearing aid headset for her. After comparison, there are 3 types of headsets in the market: infrared, Bluetooth and RF/2.4GHz. For infrared, the audio quality is good, but the IR signal would be blocked easily, and effective range is too short. While for Bluetooth, one of the biggest drawbacks is the sound delay, about 180ms, even with low latency, it is still obvious for at least 45ms, because Bluetooth is not designed as an instantaneous transmission protocol. Then for RF or early 2.4GHz tech, the anti-interference ability is not good enough, you will need manually adjust the channel every time. Finally I found this Simolio’s item which use the latest advanced FHSS tech, no need pairing, no interruption when people passing by, operation range up to 100 feet, no any lip-sync delay, no interference, no need manually adjustment, what’s more, the performance – price ratio of this headset is pretty good, I did not hesitate to choose this one. It works as advertised, very good performance at anti-interference, we can’t feel any delay. My mom likes it very much, it helps her a lot when watching tv. And I found that the transmitter designed with auto power protection. This very user-friendly design can prevent damage to the transmitter from wrong power adapter connection. Well, they also add auto power off function for the receiver, when it is inserted into the charging slot of the transmitter for charging, or when the transmitter enters standby, turn off or power off status after 5 minutes, the receiver will be power off automatically. This design is mean to save battery power, just don’t forget to switch off the headset and then restart when next time to use.
It is cost effective and the seller is professional and trustworthy.Wireless TV Headsets, In Ear TV Hearing Aid Devices, Hearing Assistance TV Listening Headphones System for Seniors, Digital Wireless TV Headphones 8 Pairs Earbuds, TV Sound Amplifier Headphone(SM-823)

November 9, 2017

Color: Analog in|Verified Purchase

Being a goofy with all electronics, I was still having trouble connecting the headset to my tv after reading the user manual. So I emailed Simolio support team asking for help. They asked for pictures of the backside of my TV set and instructed me step by step. Solved my problem in time! Big thumbs up!!

There are a few tips I would like to share:
1. For those who have never worn a stethoscope style headset before, it might feel a bit weird at first but later you get used to it and it feels good.
2.Mono/Stereo options. For the hearing impaired and elders, select mono. For those with normal hearing, you can select stereo for a better audio quality.
3. Tone adjustment – a feature that would help ppl with different sound frequency sensitivities to improve sound clarity. 4. Balance adjustment – another feature that helps people who have different hearing levels on their two ears to best fit themselves.
All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with the product and the service. Definitely will recommend it to my friends and families!!!

November 14, 2017

Color: Analog in|Verified Purchase

I purchased one for my father a few years ago as he was very hard of hearing. He loved finally being able to hear without disturbing the entire retirement facility. This was perfect for him as he could watch his TV in the middle of the night when he was awake.

Now I have one, but for a different reason. One of my parakeets talks back to the TV, and has a VERY high voice. When I raise the volume on the TV, he raises HIS volume. So I remembered this device and purchased it last week. The TV is now on mute, and for the most part so is my parakeet, but even if he does get loud, I can still hear the TV clearly. This device is worth every penny. I did not have to use customer service at all. Super easy to install (you do have to pay attention to the labels on the back of your TV or cable box – i plugged it in incorrectly the first time) just read the short directions, look at the illustration and do what it says. Works perfectly. Also, added benefit, it comes fully charged so you can use it right away.

November 12, 2017

Color: Analog in|Verified Purchase

I’ve used another similar IR headset for years until the battery was dead. Recently, I have to get a new in ear headset. I searched by low price and found Simolio’s wireless TV headphone on Amazon, the price and the new RF 2.4GHz technology got my attention.

Received the headphone pretty quick, it was very easy to setup it up, took me five minutes to get it operational, no need to do pairing or modulating. I have not noticed any interference caused by WiFi or mobile phone, even if my wife’s on the phone close by. What ‘s even more amazing is that, when I go to the bathroom with the headphone on, I can still hear my channel.
This is a slick deal, very pleased with it, would highly recommend it to others.