Z GRILLS 2021 Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker 8-in-1 Outdoor Cooking (600D)

Z GRILLS 2021 Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker 8-in-1 Outdoor Cooking (600D)
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Z GRILLS 2021 Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker 8-in-1 Outdoor Cooking (600D)

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  • Searing Enable—-Temperature can goes as high as 1000℉. Just open the air door to sear and adjust the temperature control to the Maximum, then then grill will change to searing mode.

  • Huge Grilling Area—-330 Square inches main grilling area and 270 square inch Smoking/Warming Rack; Foldable working shelf; You can cook for about 20 hours per 20 lbs. of pellets. When you do the math, you will find that pellet cooking typically costs less than a comparably sized GAS or CARBON grill.

  • 8-in-1 Pellet Smoker(2021 New Model)—-Grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, barbecue and char-grill. Just set it and let it work: No more babysitting. Enjoy the cooking!Cover and Oil collector included.

  • Accuracy(PID Controller )–Most stay within 10 degrees of the set temperature, no matter if its 10 degrees or 110 degrees outside; Temperature and Auto Pellet Feed Control System with PID CONTROLLER. The new upgrade digital control board auto ignites the grill and allows you to set the cooking temperature from 180°F to 450°F.

  • S-Based Brand and Customer Service–We’re a U. S-based Brand that has been making high-quality grills and smokers for more than 30 years. With warehouses in Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia. The grills will be sent from one of these warehouse.The warranty of the grills is 3 years.High speed shipping and superior after-sales services.Our goal is to make high-quality pellet grills more accessible.

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Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2021

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5.0 out of 5 stars

Awesome GRILL !!!

By JD on March 25, 2021

I got this to replace my existing aging grill.

– Quality Through Out
– Automatic Temperature Control
– Grills, Smokes, Bakes, BBQs, Sears, Roasts, etc
– Roughly 1 Hour of Cook Time Per 1 Pound of Wood Pellets
– Auto Feeder
– Beautiful

– Grease Drain Setup

What you get in the package:
– All Grill Assembly Components
– All Tools Are Provided With The Hardware
Work Gloves
– Quick Assembly Sheet
– Z GRILLS Owner’s Manual

I received the grill and it was nicely packed in the shipping box. The Z Grill is roughly 44″(51″ at the stack)x 48″x 24″ when fully assembled. The Z Grill comes with an auto feeder for the wood pellets and temperature control. This grill also comes with a vented enclosed cabinet.

First, assembly is required. So after unboxing everything you have a decent size litter of parts to assemble. Z GRILLS also is kind enough to provide the you with the wrenches and screwdriver that you need to perform the assembly.
(Just one note: I ended up grabbing my own screwdriver as the fine point Phillips head screwdriver that is provided ended up starting to strip out the screw heads before they were tight enough.). The manufacturer also provides a decent pair of work gloves. The hardware is all neatly packaged and numbered so that you can follow along with the assembly instructions. There are two sets of instructions. A quick assembly guide and the 22-Page Owner’s Manual. The assembly instructions in the Owner’s Manual is easy to follow and with the hardware numbered it is difficult to make any mistakes. It took me roughly 2 1/3 hours to assemble the grill at an easy going snails pace one evening. The packing material remaining after the assemble was almost as big as the grill. That is how well it is packaged. I have to give Z GRILLS credit for a first rate packing job and one of the best sets of instructions I have seen in a long time.

The Wood Pellet Hopper holds 8-lbs of pellets and the burn rate is roughly 1 hour of fire per 1 lb of pellets.

The hopper automatically feeds the pellets into the firepot. No need to ignite anything or do anything but set the temperature. The blower makes a little noise as it helps feed the firepot as well. So it is not the quietest of grills.

The Grill area was approximately 330sq” for the main grill and 270sq” for the warmer or upper grill.

The grill comes with explicit initial fire up instructions which I recommend you follow. Many of the components have lubricants on them as well as the racks and trays. So you need to burn those off before you actually grill any food.

To start the grill you simple plug it in, turn it on and set the temperature to SMOKE. Once you see white smoke coming out .. you can change it to the desired temperature. It has a standard ange from 180 – 450 degrees F. This grill also has a Searing Feature. Temperature can goes as high as 1000 degrees F. You just have to open the air vent above the firepot and adjust the temperature control to Maximum to go into Searing Mode. In testing, I found that the temperature stayed within roughly 10 degrees +/- the desired temperature. That is it. Once you are done, set the grill to Shutdown Cycle Mode. This gives the grill 10 minutes to burn down any residual wood pellets still in the firepot.

If you have never used this type of wood pellet grill before .. it is a bit different. As you will notice when yo fire up the grill the first time. There is no direct fire to the grill (Unless in Sear Mode). A heat baffle goes over the firepot which helps radiate heat throughout the grill. But again there is no direct fire to the food. So I found I had to change some of my grilling habits. So make sure you get used to the grill and how it interacts with various foods before you grill master for friends and family. The only mode that offer a direct heat/flame is sear mode. This would be when you open the butterfly vent and you get up to 1000 degrees F directly above the firepot.

Concerning the actual ceramic coated grill surfaces. The grills I received had fully intact grilling surfaces with no cracks or chips.

The Z GRILL also comes with a 3 year limited warranty from the date of purchase by the original owner. This warranty applies to defects in all materials and workmanship. During the warranty period, Z GRILLS, Inc. will at its option repair or replace defective parts or units.

I received this product in exchange All in all, this is a quality grill and it functioned perfectly. I found it easy to use and fun to use. I will update this review if anything changes but so far I am extremely pleased with this grill. The grill is price where I would expect a product of this quality. This is my second grill from Z GRILLS and I am a lifetime buyer. I love this product and the attention to detail this manufacturer provides from assembly to functionality. Hope this information was helpful. [5 Stars]

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